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About Us

Vision Savage Media was founded by broadcast professionals in 2012. With over 20 years of blended broadcast and production experience in the media industry, we possess the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively convey messages to mass audiences. We take pride in our work and believe in loyalty and attention to both our clients and our staff.

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So, you know you need a video. Now what?

Making a quality video can be overwhelming to some.  For a video to be successful, there is far more to the process than simply “taking an order,” pointing a camera and pushing a button. Before we begin to craft your production, we listen carefully to your needs and goals––really hear and understand them. Working with you, together we develop the best plan possible for the production that best expresses your message through video. Then we go to work with the focus and commitment you need and deserve.

We’ll capture your vision.

From concept, script and layout to the finished content, Vision will utilize all our resources including locations, incorporating motion graphics, actors, set design, music, voice narration, sound design or any other specialized elements according to our clients needs.

Our highly skilled film crew will capture just the right images and scenes that best portray your vision. With purpose and by careful design, we’ll set up lights, camera, sound, and any other means necessary to effectively and professionally give you the end product you hoped for.

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